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Content Complaints

BX TV has always strived to offer path breaking entertainment and make viewing online content an unparalleled experience. We believe that freedom of expression and creative license come with the responsibility of adopting certain standards which enhance the experience of our viewers.

We adhere to the Code of Ethics outlined by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology; whereby we age classify and categorize the content. Our endeavour is to ensure that we enable our users to make informed viewing choices at their own discretion while protecting minor individuals from potentially harmful or unsuitable content.


USuitable for children and people of all ages
U/A 7+Suitable for persons aged 7 years and above, and can be viewed by a person under the age of 7 years with parental guidance
U/A 13+Suitable for persons aged 13 years and above, and can be viewed by a person under the age of 13 years with parental guidance
U/A 16+Suitable for persons aged 16 years and above, and can be viewed by a person under the age of 16 years with parental guidance
ARestricted to adults


The complaint redressal mechanism is categorized into 2 parts: feedback / complaints from our viewers and our course of action basis the feedback / complaint.

Viewers’ Feedback / Complaints

If you wish to register any complaints with respect to the content published on VOOT, kindly reach out to us at this email id.

Contact mail ID – [email protected]

Grievance Officer

Please ensure that your email clearly states the following for us to take cognisance of the complaint –

  • Full Name of complainant –
  • Email Id –
  • Title of show/ programme with episode number and Date of Publishing as seen on the app/website –
  • Other Details which will help in identifying the content in question –
  • Concise details of complaint –

*Please note that we take our viewers’ concerns seriously and thereby request you not to make any anonymous / misleading / false claims.

Our Course of Action
  • On receipt of viewers’ feedback / complaints, we will send an acknowledgement mail within 24 hours.
  • Upon their review, all valid feedback / complaints will be addressed, and complainants will be informed within 15 days. Reasonable measures will be taken, whenever required, to redress the concerns of our viewers.
  • Kindly note that for all invalid / incomplete / out of scope feedback / complaints, there will be no communication further to the acknowledgement mail.

We are committed to offering our viewers a superlative viewing experience!